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On our platform, learners can choose their own courses, what they want at a time that works for them.

Relevant and accessible for everybody.

We offer a wide range of courses designed by our best in-class instructors. All courses are between 1-3 hours, virtual, have a max. of 12 learners and are > 70% interactive.

We focus on Soft Skills, everybody needs to succeed in. We split our courses in 4 categories: (Self-)leadership, Communication, Productivity and Sales Mastery.


Like having a trainer in your pocket.

We created a next-generation learning experience for teams that want to perform and grow.

With a membership, employees have unlimited access to all our courses. Your employees can enjoy something that has never been there before.


We believe in numbers.

Our trainings increase performance. And we can proof that. We provide you insights from your people`s training progress.  With our dashboard, you can focus on impact, not administration.


Experts that inspire with impact.

A global team of trainers enable your talent to exceed their goals. From experienced founders, from european champions in public speaking to a negotiation expert of DAX companies - every single trainer is an expert in his or her field with the mission to share hands-on action points with every single coachee.

All trainers get evaluated through a 3-step qualification process, so we can guarantee you the quality we advertise.

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